Dick Pound harshly judges the UCI

Stage 2 Finish: Michael Rogers, Chris Horner, ...

Stage 2 Finish: Michael Rogers, Chris Horner, Lance Armstrong (Photo credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious)

‘It is not credible to say they did not know what was happening. I complained to the UCI for years” said Mr. Pound to the famous French newspaper L’ÉQUIPE.

Dick Pound, a tax partner at Stikeman Elliott in Montreal, a former Olympic swimmer, a former vice president of the International Olympic Committee and founder of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) knows what he’s talking about.

He made anti-doping in sport, a personal struggle by founding the World Anti-Doping Agency (whose main offices and non-headquarters (!) – are found in Montreal).

In his presentation, during a course in sports law that I give at the University of Montreal, he  hammered repeatedly that the scourge of doping was rampant (ad nauseam) in the world of cycling.

In addition, the newspaper Le Parisien reported that Mr. Pound had suggested a bit cynical, Armstrong admits he is “the best of the worst!”

Later Le Parisien wrote  ‘Mr. Pound admitted that some supporters of Armstrong will continue to challenge the report of Usada, especially in the United States because “there are many people who have a strong emotional attachment to Armstrong. They do not know that he was a cheater.’


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