Kiev is moving on sport law

The independent Ukrainian paper Kievpost, has just reported that the Ukrainian president Yanukovych, has made important sport related announcements, yesterday during the Third Sports Congress of Ukraine held in Kiev.

Indeed, it appears that the president wishes to create a special executive agency for sports issues and to pass law on patronage of sports. He was quoted by the paper

“I know that if organizational and management issues are not settled, it will be very difficult to change the situation and move it from the dead point. The sphere of physical culture and sports has many branches, it has its own specifics, and it’s difficult to compare it to any other sphere. We should think together about the creation of a special executive agency for sports-related issues,».

Concerning sponsorship in sports he added;

“I think that this activity [sponsorship] should be developed, motivated, and civilized rules should be created for it. We should pass a special law on the sponsorship of sports. I would like to address the officials of all levels that are present here, the local governments should make more efforts to create favorable conditions so that our citizens can get exercise and practice sports”.

These announcements were welcomed by specialists of sport law in Ukraine, since as said  by famous Ukrainian sport lawyer Oleksiy Kolchanov “Ukrainian sports law is in the early stages of its development and the prospects for its future growth directly depend on resolution of certain conceptual problems.”

To read the Kievpost article please click here

For general information regarding sport law in Ukraine, we suggest the followings;






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