On UPDATED: Ex- wife of Lance Armstrong talks

UPDATE The day after (Jan 18, 2013): please click here  for updates on the women in Armstrong life and what they actually knew of Armstrong’s doping while living with him.

Latest UPDATE (January 20, 2013):  please Click here

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Kristin Armstrong, Lance Armstrong ex-wife, comes out from her silence and writes in her blog about personal matters related to Lance.Kristin_Lance_MD

The title of her piece is a mysterious how the light gets in.

In fact she doesn’t say much. What I keep from her writings, is that she suffered a lot in 2003, the year of her break up with her husband Lance. That she knows personally what sorrow means.

However, you have to read between lines to understand fully what she is saying. And I  let that to your own judgment. Here is the most relevant part of her testimony ;

I know what truth is. I know my past. Not telling or selling my tales to the press is my choice – one that I made primarily for my children. And there are many things that I am not free to discuss because I am constrained by legal principles like marital privilege, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. And frankly, I am thankful for that, because my energy and focus need to be directed towards my children. To the world, Lance may be a source of admiration or suspicion, but to me he is simply my wasband and the father of my children. His choices were, and are, his.

And mine are mine. And they haven’t always been pretty. I am sorry if this is disappointing to you. When I wrote my first article for Runner’s World, I described how I carried an invisible pack of sadness over all those miles in my first marathon. I never said exactly what was in that pack, nor do I need to. Sadness sums it up pretty well. 2003 was a major heartbreak, but it was also my liberation – I got to remodel my life. We met shortly thereafter, and you have been with me for the entire (ongoing) renovation, for all the miles between then and now.

What I keep, as a lawyer, is that she signed a non-disclosure agreements in favor of Lance Armstrong.

Hum. That is my only comment.

To read her post, please click here


More about Kristin Live Stronger: Kristin Armstrong’s Divorce Recovery Journey : Kristin. “Lance and I need to go forward  honoring each other, because that’s the way that we can still show our children  that love is lasting and unconditional.”


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