NHL lockout 2012-Press review/Revue de presse dec 7-2012

Sidney Crosby, Don FehrCritical long term labor peace for NHL by Eric Maccramalla (lawyer and reporter)

NHLS rollercoaster rolls on?  Sport Illustrated

NHL labor talks break down; league pulls offer off table Buffalonews

Stalemate and Rancor Stage Rally in N.H.L., New York Times

Implosion in NHL talks leaves players with few options  CBS sport  Elliotte Friedman

Talks between NHL and NHLPA fall apart in dramatic fashion Yahoo sport

NHL-NHLPA negotiations break down Hockey News

Are NHL players ready to roll over? Globe & Mail

NHL Lockout : Bettman disappointed beyond belief  The hockey writers


Conflit LNH: quel spectacle !  Renaud Lavoie RDS

LNH- Un pas en avant -deux pas en arrière La Presse Richard Labbé

Fehr a perdu sur toute la ligne François Gagnon

Là ou les négotiations ont déraillé Radio-Canada

Déclarations de Ron Burkle, Mark Chipman, Larry Tannenbaum et Jeff Vinik LNH.com


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