National Hockey League Players' Association

National Hockey League Players’ Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Original NHL logo, used until 2005. A version ...

Original NHL logo, used until 2005. A version of the logo features it in the shape of a hockey puck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just read an excellent paper via the twitter account of well-known sports’ journalist Pierre Lebrun (I am a big fan of his), on the ENDLESS lockout in the NHL.

In his tweet, he admits ‘maybe I was a little angry when i wrote it ‘.

I started to answer him, and since I could not articulate my thoughts in 140 words, well here are my thoughts.

Pierre: what an excellent paper. I do agree with you except with regard to the lawyer ‘bashing’ when you wrote:

‘Did it really take a week for the union’s lawyers to find the HRR treachery? I don’t have a law degree and I’m sure these things are complicated, but if I’m a player I’m just as angry at the league for trying to pull a fast one as much as wanting to know why it took a week for my people to figure it out.’

Why it took the NHLPA lawyers one week to raise concerns with the pensions?

I was not there, so I do not know.

But let’s not forget that, that week was the period between Christmas and the New Year’s Eve and lawyers are, despite popular belief (!) human beings too.

This being said, my question in return to you (if I may) is: anyway, what do we really know? Or in other words, what is this silly game the NHL & the NHLPA are playing in front of us?

Usually, confidential negotiations, are behind closed doors.

But in this case, just after the negotiations are done for the day, there are leaks (on both sides) to the press, or even better, press conferences are hold.

I find this quite unhealthy. Negotiations are confidential or they are not. They cannot be confidential at 75%!

My advice to all these gentlemen? Do your work without any interferences from the outside world  or just negotiate in front of TV cameras if you want to give us a show, so at least you will get some (much-needed) royalties for it .

Penny for your thoughts


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