Pound98MONTREAL’ JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE will indeed host  this Friday morning a discussion panel with DICK POUND, founder of WADA.

What a perfect TIMING!

The event is scheduled the ‘day after’  (of  the announced confessions of  Lance Armstrong through the mega-public-‘confesseuse’ W. Oprah). But also after  Pound’s recent sensational public statements about all of this mess.

In an interview with Reuters, Dick Pound, the former president of the World Anti-Doping Agency and current IOC member apparently questioned the presence of cycling at the Olympics …if it was found that the UCI had covered the Lance Armstrong doping.
Those statements have off course attracted huge reactions in the cycling  world, inter alia .

But London’s GUARDIAN has reported that  IOC has distance itself from Pound’s declarations: ‘The IOC’s communications director, Mark Adams, said it was too early to consider any repercussions.

Adams said: “I think it is a little premature to talk about such things. He is basing his comments on the reports of an interview that has not yet been broadcast – once it has been and once UCI and Usada have commented I think it will be clear the direction we will all be going.”

Hum, yes indeed what a great timing for  the JCCM.

For information on registration yfichtali@fasken.com or by phone at 514-632-6424 . Good luck!


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