All Armstrong Ex (wife & girlfriends) knew!


Last october, I wrote a piece on Kristin Armstrong, Lance Armstrong ex-wife, who had just came out from her silence and wrote in her blog about personal matters related to Lance.

The title of her piece was a mysterious ‘how the light gets in’.

I quoted her saying:

 ‘I know what truth is. I know my past. Not telling or selling my tales to the press is my choice – one that I made primarily for my children. And there are many things that I am not free to discuss because I am constrained by legal principles like marital privilege, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. And frankly, I am thankful for that, because my energy and focus need to be directed towards my children. To the world, Lance may be a source of admiration or suspicion, but to me he is simply my wasband and the father of my children. His choices were, and are, his.

And mine are mine. And they haven’t always been pretty. I am sorry if this is disappointing to you. When I wrote my first article for Runner’s World, I described how I carried an invisible pack of sadness over all those miles in my first marathon. I never said exactly what was in that pack, nor do I need to. Sadness sums it up pretty well. 2003 was a major heartbreak, but it was also my liberation – I got to remodel my life. We met shortly thereafter, and you have been with me for the entire (ongoing) renovation, for all the miles between then and now.’

Since then, Kristin’s post has disappeared from the blog.

Let me guess: maybe after Lance lawyers send her a warning?

But know, that Armstrong has confessed his sins to Oprah ,the mystery of her words have vanished.

Her post was obviously a reaction to the USADA‘s 1000 page report which included allegations that several wives or girlfriends knew of the Armstrong team’s doping activities.

Since then, Kristin’s post has disappeared from the blog. I am guessing: Maybe after Lance lawyers send her a warning?

But know, that Armstrong has confessed some of his sins to Oprah, all the mystery in her then carefully chosen words, have vanished.

Her post was obviously a reaction to the USADA’s 1000 page report which included allegations that several wives, (including Kristin) or girlfriends knew of the Armstrong team’s doping activities.

Actually, the evidence in front of the USADA suggested an even bigger role for Kristin. Not only did she know about the doping, but she actively participated  in the scheme.

The Wall street journal in a (must-to-read) paper –the women behind team Armstrong– states:

‘In a sworn affidavit, former Armstrong teammate Jonathan Vaughters said Kristin Armstrong referred to the synthetic blood-boosting hormone EPO as “butter,” because the banned drug was kept in the couple’s refrigerator. The code word, according to Vaughters, was used as a precaution against French law enforcement….Vaughters also said in the affidavit that Kristin Armstrong wrapped tablets of cortisone, a banned substance, in tin foil and handed them out to riders.’

The WSJ  continues with ‘In her affidavit, Betsy Andreu said she asked Kristin Armstrong during the 1999 Milan San-Remo classic bike race “her thoughts on EPO” and that Armstrong responded that “it’s a necessary evil.” Andreu said she “understood from this response that Kristin was aware that Lance was using EPO, but wasn’t concerned about it.”

What about Pop singer Sheryl Crow, who dated Armstrong during two Tours?sipa_ap20276006_000001

Crow once said,  according  to IBTimes “I don’t think the French people are on a mission to strip him of his integrity…It’s just a handful of people pursuing that theory and it’s tiresome and a nuisance, and it will eventually end, I hope”

Federal agents interviewed Crow in late 2011, just before  a grand jury probe into Armstrong and his associates abruptly ended without any  criminal charges being handed up.

The  NY daily news has since  reported ‘ that Crow stayed with Armstrong in an apartment in Girona, Spain, that Armstrong’s  former teammates, Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton, have described as a  distribution point for performance-enhancing drugs and a place to store bags of  blood before reinfusing it at big races — a banned and then all-but-undetectable  doping method that boosts a rider’s red blood cell count, instantly building  endurance.Crow also traveled with Armstrong in private jets that Landis  and Hamilton have said were critical to doping schemes.’

lance-sherylObviously, Crow knew many details about doping on the team and was helpful in the investigation but didn’t give an affidavit to USADA. Did Armstrong made her sign a non-disclosure agreement as he did with Kristin?

All will come out.

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2 thoughts on “All Armstrong Ex (wife & girlfriends) knew!

  1. I think a lot of people knew. There must have been a whole group of people involved, the guy has always struck me as being a nasty piece of work. I’ve not seen much of the Oprah interview but the only regret he seems to have is that he was caught. He deserves everything he gets and I hope the many people that were silenced by his lawyers get their day in court.

  2. Kristin Armstrong’s blog didn’t disappear and the entry you’re referring to is right here:

    There was a revamp of the Runner’s World website some months ago (I don’t work for them, I’m just an avid reader of the magazine, the website, and Kristin Armstrong’s blog), but it’s been up there the entire time, because I’ve referred several people to it and have read it multiple times..

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