Lance Armstrong ex-wife talks, part 2


Kristin Armstrong, Lance Armstrong ex-wife is in the (mysterious) talking mood.

Indeed,she continues writing a blog for RunnersWorld. Her latest piece, published on January 17 (on the same day that Lance first interview with Oprah aired) was ‘Finding stillness amid chaos’. She stars her post by giving  the flavor of the week:The theme of my week is steadiness. “

She goes on by giving some strange advises to her followers:

When everything is moving and shifting, the only way to counteract chaos is stillness.’

But now that we know (Armstrong confirmed it in his interview) that Kristin knew all about his doping saga, her words about ‘stillness’ sound like  a condescending psychological advice to explain her own stillness during the mega doping adventure of her ex-husband.

Kristin_Armstrong_MDHer stillness in front of all Lance Armstrong’s lies and bullying. That being the worst part.

Even better, we also ‘know’ that not only she knew about his doping but that she participated actively in the doping. Multiple sources have confirmed it under oath.

And now, she gives advises on how to cope with dignity, during difficult times. Such as,

When things feel extraordinary, strive for ordinary. When the surface is wavy, dive deeper for quieter waters. When the storm swirls, seek shelter.’ Or even better ‘when you have little people in your ship, navigate carefully and teach as you go.‘

She concludes by stating: ‘I’m choosing peace, and once chosen, it’s decided.’ I am not sure that she is going to have peace (at least on the legal side) anywhere soon, since she was involved in all the doping scheme during her  5 years marriage to LanceArmstrong.

As expected,  reactions and comments to her post were rather harsh on her.

Here are some examples: ‘yeah, hiding EPO in your baby’s carriage is pretty amazing!’

An article detailing how Kristin helped Lance destroy Greg LeMond with her false testimony (under oath) in Lemond vs Trek. And then how Kristin allowed Lance to use her in the Oprah interview “as a pawn, not to protect her but to cover for himself.” You’d almost feel sorry for her except…she gave him permission, and it’s nearly impossible to believe that she doesn’t at this point know he doped in ’09 and ’10. She’s not a stupid woman, and the expert analysis of Lance’s blood samples in those tours is available with a 2 second Google search, has been for months.
As the dust settles, more and more material about Kristin’s involvement is emerging, thanks to Lance’s performance on Oprah.’

I do also question RunnersWorld strategy in allowing her to keep a blog on their site, as does one of the commentators:

You are a complete disgrace to honest sport and it is incredible Runners World employ you after your years of deception!’

As for my part, I just don’t understand why she published this insignificant piece on moral advice.

Is this just plain stupidity, arrogance or despair?

Let me know your thoughts on this one.

To read her post please click HERE.


One thought on “Lance Armstrong ex-wife talks, part 2

  1. I can’t believe that she’s still a blogger at runner’s world. For a publication whose target audience is endurance athletes, it boggles my mind how they still support her when multiple witnesses have testified under oath that she was well aware that he was doping. And all her posts are all these BS posts about honesty and integrity. You can’t win when you’re dirty, Kristin Armstrong.

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