The Ravens Logo IP (on going) Case

baltimoreYou must read Ross Todd paper in Corporate Counsel, since all of this remains a quite unusual case.

The paper starts as this ‘One jury found that the Baltimore Ravens infringed on a logo sketched by a fan. Another jury found that the Ravens didn’t owe the fan anything. That’s why they’re still in court today.’ravens_flyingb

Yep. After more than a decade and a half of litigation, back to the start?

Todd even reports that ‘Mark McKenna, a professor at the University of Notre Dame Law School who has written extensively about sports logo licensing, says that Bouchat’s suit offers a lesson about the nature of litigation. “People sometimes act irrationally because they get stuck on what the outcome should be,” McKenna says. Some contests, it seems, grow too heated to end with the rivals shaking hands.

To read the entire (and well written) article, please click HERE 

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