Important court day for NFL to come soon!

nfl con2Famous U.S. District Judge Anita Brody is expected to rule on July 22 on a very  a high-profile spor tlaw case in the States.

The case is about the forum of a very large number of concussion-related lawsuits brought by former  players against the National Football League.

The Philadelphia federal judge has to decide if the cases should proceed in open court or in  private  arbitration.

As reported by The Philadelphia News

‘The league has asked Brody to dismiss the lawsuits, arguing the former  players’ complaints amount to contract grievances that should be resolved by an  arbitrator, not a judge. Well-settled labor law says that union contracts like  the players collective bargaining agreements “preempt” civil litigation.

The ex-players say the issue extends beyond their contracts because it  involves an alleged fraud and a cover-up by the league. They contend that NFL  executives knew the dangers of head traumas but concealed the danger while  promoting and glorifying the inherent violence of the sport.

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